A baby girl was seriously punctured in her chest last Wednesday afternoon.

Authorities say a 2-month-old girl was seriously injured after being bitten by her family’s dog, but the injuries do not appear to be the result of aggressive behavior. The incident happened around 5 p.m. Wednesday along the unit block of Concetta Court in West Tuckerton, N.J. The 2-month-old girl was outside with her mother and the family’s pitbull terrier. The child’s mother went back into the house to refill a bottle. Officials say the dog then picked the girl up in its mouth and carried her into the house. In the process, the 2-month-old suffered a puncture wound to the chest. She was transported by helicopter to Cooper University Hospital where she was in serious but stable condition. Police, rescue crews and animal officials were called in response to the incident. Authorities say the dog appeared to be well-behaved, and that infant’s injury was not the result of any kind of aggressive behavior. Animal control officers did remove the dog from the home pending further investigation.

We all know that A/C has a strong tendency to implement euthanasia even if  it’s not the case. We cannot let this happen. The dog shouldn’t pay for the mistakes made by the mother. No infant should be left alone with a dog, no matter what the circumstances are. Especially when it’s still young. It is the mother’s fault, her negligence caused her child’s unwanted injury.

Sign the petition here to save the dog from euthanasia: http://www.yousignanimals.org/Do-not-EUTHANIZE-New-Jersey-dog-that-unintentionally-bit-two-month-old-infant-t-2791

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