I looked outside the cell

Remembering my teenage days

When I had all the freedom and fun

But was treated like an animal astray.


I drank and partied all night long

Had fun with other boys like me

I made so many grave mistakes

But I was still young you see?


Classes were boring, so I skipped

And have so many grades too low

I made so many grave mistakes

But I was still young you know?


I tried to stop when in turned twenty

But the temptation was just too great and strong

So instead of being a role model to younger people

I ended up in the alley, smoking all day long.


No please don’t blame my parents and teachers

They wanted me to change but I just can’t

They did all they could, begged me to be good,

But sorry guys I will do what I want.


Now here I am stuck in a cell

Because I created so many a crime

I hung my head in shame and embarrassment

Why didn’t I change when I had time?


So now, that my end is near

This I’ll perform for my one last deed

I wrote my life as a warning to other kids

So for your sake, this message you should heed.

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