Tiny drops of rain continued to fall, winds howled, and leaves danced on the late evening of July 2023 as a newly-graduated young maiden continued to type as fast as she could, wrinkling her brows as she tried to express her imagination into words. This was the second book she had made right after turning eighteen on June 15, 2021. The first one was called “Stepping Stone” and this one would be “Memories”. She glanced at the clock and was startled to realize that it was already 11:15 p.m. “The time sure runs quick,” she muttered under her breath. After saving her work and turning the computer off, she sprawled on her bed and realized that she had seven hours to sleep. “Oh well, that’s enough,” she said with a sigh, mixed with contentment to be in a soft bed, desire to go in abroad, maybe New York, and triumph, for achieving and striving as hard as she could, as she slept dreamlessly and serenely.

The alarm beeped three times before she woke up with her hair tangled and disheveled. She hit the snooze button and stretched her arms, when something, or someone, jumped into her face, causing her to go back to her bed and her hands covering her face.  She looked up and smiled when her silly dog, Yuri, jumped up and down on her tummy, eyes digging deep into hers as if saying “Wake up, wake up! Give me breakfast, cook breakfast, breakfast, breakfast, breakfast. ” She laughed as she thought about it and went to her wardrobe to get her carnation pink towel with three brown bears at the sides. She gratefully took a warm bath and dressed herself rapidly in her uniform as assistant manager. Serving breakfast, preparing the dog’s food, and then rushing to her office after leaving a note to her parents are a part of her daily morning activities. Today, she may come fully-dressed with that business-like personality and attitude of hers, but she will never be prepared on what will happen in her office.

The motor’s engine roared as it sped up to her office. She was greeted by the security guard, the other employees, and the janitor. Each has a profound respect and admiration for her after being an assistant manager almost right after she entered the team. She worked hard, had broad imagination, and had also argued with the manager about the projects they worked on. Many had been impressed by her skills and the websites and business were booming ever since they followed her ideas. Some of them envied her position, but looking at her, one’s hatred and jealousy would be replaced by appreciation and respect. Once she entered the room, it would never fail to magnetize the eyes of the employees unto her even if she disappears into another room.

A postman delivered stacks of letters to her desk as she marveled at how many they are. She opened them one-by-one, looking at the contents of each. There were nineteen application letters, two letters from old childhood friends, and an unknown letter from a very important business firm in New York. She opened her emails and replied all 31 messages before the manager entered the office. It was an exhausting day for him. Attending seminars, arguing with a number of hard-headed employees, and having chocolate stain on his favorite uniform was certainly not the best way to start the day. She laughed of the absurdity of it and was lucky to start the day as it is. The manager, a 45-year-old guy with a mustache and a hint of gray hairs, was easygoing, polite, and fatherly as other employees describe him.

“Oh, I see. You got the letter. I thought those people weren’t serious on giving that invitation to you. It is a great opportunity, yes, probably once in a lifetime, I think the decision is up to you.” She raised her eyebrow and tore the letter’s case. Her hand covered her mouth as she tried to understand what the letter was about. “You have been chosen to visit us in New York for a job interview … we would love to hear from you about your acceptance,” the letter said. Suddenly the butterflies, flowers, stars, and angels circled around me as she cast a dreamy look on her face. The manager suddenly laughed and understood her gesture. She will be going to New York in a few weeks! It was a dream come true for her. A miracle! Her fellow employees made a ball of it and gave her a goodbye party the next week. She had already sent a letter saying she will accept the offer and go to the company in 3 weeks. She packed 2 suitcases, enough to last for her one-month stay, and no one who came with her to the airport left dry-eyed. But even for them, she won’t change her mind. It was time to spread her wings, to have freedom and be independent, and to venture out the world. She was convinced that this was the key to her success, her dreams were coming true, and her life will forever be altered. As the plane took off, there within it lies a whole new world that somehow leads to her destiny.

10 years later…

The sound of her heel echoed through the glass staircase of the building as she rapidly walked towards to her office. Steams shoot off in her ears and her face was as red as the background beside her. Her dark hair measured until her waist but she always wore it in a ponytail or a bun. Those dark eyes with fury blazed through the room. She was mad at a new employer suggested by an ex-employee. The new one treated her as though she was an 8-year old which she was, in fact, annoyed and frustrated. She was still thinking about the meeting when she bumped with some guy who had a camera slung at his back and was checking his notes without looking at her. Papers flew everywhere as they tried to catch each of them. She was about to pick a novel when she stopped. The back cover was familiar; the signature she used when in college was there. She suddenly laughed as the photographer looked at her. She felt awkward of the situation and returned the novel to him as he made a puzzled look. She told him that she was the author of that novel when he blushed furiously and laughed with her. Her secretary called her and excused herself to the handsome gentleman with blond hair and piercing blue eyes. She felt she had seen him somewhere but had forgotten all over the incident by the time she went home. It wasn’t until they were introduced by the owner that they understood who each other was. He was a famous photojournalist and editorial writer in one of the newspapers in San Francisco. Interviewing her about the business was his main point on being here. He suddenly snapped a few photographs of her while looking at the boss and grinned despite of himself. She was a pretty girl, and an extremely smart and respectable when he conducted the interview. He had asked her to go to lunch with him and forgot all that happened on the sixth month when he proposed to her. They were the perfect pair and the press had their names allover in the papers. Years went by and they still lived happily ever after.

As you can see, there are obstacles and opportunities placed in the road of success. This road has many twists and turns they lure you. You may never know when it is the dead end. But to make sure you choose the right thing, and rise even if there are many tragedies placed, you can assure yourself; this is the thing that will lead you to your future. Each of us has his own destiny to fulfill. I know it may not be easy to pick the pieces shattered during tragedies, but you must be strong and have faith in yourself because later, you shall see, the future it brings, you need to spread your wings.

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