Verse 1: The cannon fires and lives are lost,

In a sea that never ends.

There you lie with blood and gore,

Amongst your fallen friends.


With a picture close at heart,

Every second you’re apart,

Where you lay, still and dying,

A country you were defending.


Chorus: Love, once left, never more seen,

Fate has never been so mean,

Time won’t repeat itself, nor will you,

Just one more wish, say one last “I love you.”


Hope now gone, life ne’er forgotten,

Promised once, knelt in the garden,

Ring symbolizes eternity, me and you,

But one more wish, ask “Where are you?”


Verse 2: A letter from his captain,

In a house you’re forbidden,

Trying to make sense of a letter,

Thinking it was just a rumor.


But no, it’s not, there’s no more you,

To wipe her tears, that once you’d do,

Now angry and heartbroken, she is,

She, an exchange, for a death amidst.


Life has never been so short,

Until we come past it.

And not until, eternity is gone,

Love has never been so missed

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