The stinging cold she felt,

As she lay in a snow that never melts.

She tried to crouch to warm herself,

Her lips too numb to cry for help.

Oh a glimmer of hope, she wished she has,

But too troubled to think ‘cept her haunted past.

Where were her parents? Where was her family?

Scattered across the land, dying of poverty.


She once had a sister, a sister so precious,

who looked so pretty, so lively, so gracious,

But the darkness of the night took her sister away,

Leaving her alone, for the rest of the days.

She had no one, she had nothing,

Not even a single piece of grain.

That she thought as she lay in the snow,

The snow so white, so serene like a dove.


Her natural curls covered her eyes,

Eyes that once had fire, now full of ice.

Her lips so blue, her face so pale,

As the snow changed into the harshest hail.

Why is fate so cruel to her?

Her end is near, yes, she is sure.

And she stood up to block the blizzard,

Cutting herself with the hail like the sharpest shard.


Her suffering has ended, her time has come.

She will return to where she comes from.

She will return to the place above,

As she stood on the snow, the snow so like a dove.


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