Sitting in the meadow, you’re crying

Reminiscing the days with your father.

Moments thought that were long buried,

You think you are alone, forever.


A faintest whisper is carried by the wind,

From your father’s lips to your ears,

“Dearest Child, be strong and kind.

For I can’t wipe away those tears.


Dear child, your sorrow is nothing but fresh.

It’s been long since I’ve been gone,

Really is it that deep, that scar I inflict,

To no one but thee upon.”


His voice you heard, but paid no mind,

Why would you when he has passed?

Yet by and by, the words were clear,

You can’t stand any moment more aghast.


Screaming to the top of your lungs, you ask,

“Dad, why did you ever leave me and mom?

Why didn’t you fight and win that war,

Why did you let it drop the bomb?”


And what came but a single phrase,

That once you always loved to say,

Now the forgotten once remembered,

“You will understand someday…”

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